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There really isn't that much to know about me!  I'm in my 30s, I live in The New Forest in England, and I am a huge geek.  I was programming the VCR at 3, a computer at 5, and right now I am about to learn Python.  I work on a Linux distribution and exclusively use Linux, but I intend on reporting on everything tech. 

About Jack's Blog

I've been inspired to write a technology blog for a while now, but now I have decided to bite the bullet and really go for it with gusto!  Despite being exclusively a Linux user, I plan on writing about Apple, Google, Microsoft, Sony, whoever.  If a tech story catches my eye, I am going to write about it.  And the blog will be opinionated, probably controversial (I have a lot of controversial opinions on tech) and hopefully it will keep up with trends etc. 

The design of the site is simple and minimalistic for a reason.  Just because a site's front page can be 1mb and download in a second, doesn't mean it has to be that way.  And yes we carry advertising, but a boy needs to make a living, so I am not going to apologise that we use ads. 

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